In the world of container hire or sales, standard shipping containers come in 10ft, 20ft and 40-foot sizes. And if you’re working in an industry (like mining, construction, energy, etc) where 40 foot containers might not be big enough; you can super-size your order by adding additional containers (either side by side, or stacked) with the use of Container Solutions Labs’ very own, industry-leading ‘Port Joining Kits’.

External Shipping Container Dimensions

The following details how each external measurement is taken:

  • External Length – measured from the farthest points along the longest side of the container. This measurement is the most common reference to this the size of containers e.g. 20 foot, 40 foot.
  • External Width – measured on the narrowest side or on the container door end (unless the container has been modified).
  • External Height – measured from the bottom frame to the top frame of the container, on the outside.

Internal Shipping Container Dimensions

The following explains how each internal measurement is taken:

  • Internal Width – measured from the two longest sides of the container on the inside
  • Internal Length – measured from the two shortest sides of the container on the inside.
  • Internal Height – measured from the floor level to the ceiling level of the container inside.
  • Door Opening Width – this is calculated from the inside right and left of the support frames, allowing for a small gap for the opening radius of the door.
  • Door Opening Height – this is calculated from the floor to underneath the horizontal cross support of the container or the top of the door opening, it is usually the same or less than the internal height.

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